Saturday, December 29, 2001


Damian Penny has changed his Blogger password.
My password is back to '123456', just like it should be.
Hey, that's the same combination for my luggage!
From some cabin in Montana...

The UnaBlogger appears to have added a link to my site. Nice pics.
The Great Spellcheck Adventure

Its ben braat two my atenshun that I have allot uf misspellings inn my poasts. I wil try to make sher I korrekt them all.
Curse of the Mummy

Tony Blair has incurred the wrath of a petulant mummy for viewing the opening of the dehydrated tyke's tomb.
The Prime Minister, who is on a five-day family holiday in Egypt, was told by a leading archaeologist that to avoid the curse of the long-dead pyramid artisan he would have to grow a stubbly beard — or be devoured by animals
In related news, the Lord of the Admiralty has urged Blair to avoid all maritime travel lest he incur the full fury of Neptunus Rex for failing to acknowledge that man is nothing without the gods.

There are several rumors concerning the Prime Minister's current whereabouts, but the most reliable sources say he has entered a maze somewhere in Greece. Bystanders have reported hearing sounds of struggle emanating from the center of the maze, prompting Greek archaeologists to suggest that Blair is engaged in mortal combat with a half-man/half-bull creature known as a "Minotaur".

After vanquishing the beast, Blair is expected to travel to a sleepy hamlet in the mountains of Transylvania. Advisors expect his stay to be uneventful.
Bird Brains

Not only has the U.S. bombing of Afghanistan caused massive devastation, disease, pestilence and stubbed toes on a scale never before seen by man, it's also screwed up the migration routes of procrastinating birds. I guess the 20 years of constant warfare in the region wasn't enough time for these birds to change their migration patterns. Oh well, that's evolution for you.

Friday, December 28, 2001

We saw where this lead the last time

Little Green Footballs has a good piece about the Saudi connection to the most recent and noxious form of anti-semitism sweeping the planet. Personally, I think the Arabs are just pissed because they've thrown everything they've had against the Israelis and have always had their ass handed to them for their trouble.
Hey, I'm back. My holiday break is over, but we're working 12-hour shifts at work until after the new year, so posting will be erratic. I was scanning the news and see that not a whole lot has happened except some guy failed to blow up a plane for want of a .99 cent lighter. It looks like the 24 hour news channels are once again elevating minutiae to unwarranted importance for want of a "Big Story". Osama's still loose, Mullah Omar is still on the lam and Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.
The Horror, The Horror

Black Hawk Down is too violent, says CNN's movie reviewer. Well shit. And here I thought that I was going to see a nice warm movie about Somali fraternity and goodwill. I haven't seen the movie yet, so who knows if it's any good, but blasting a war movie because it's too violent is like panning a porn film because there's just too much sex in it. Ah yes, the obligatory quote from someone who couldn't get a real job in journalism:
"Black Hawk Down" is the best-looking worthless film you'll ever see. It's impossible to convey how many people get shot, stabbed, burned, beaten and/or blown apart during its 150-minute running time. Welcome to the future of movie violence: Lay it on thicker than ever, but make sure everyone's wearing fatigues.
Fatigues are green. We wear BDU's or "Battle Dress Uniforms". Oh, and just between you and me movie boy, people tend to get killed a lot in battle for no reason and there isn't usually any over-arching symbolism in a firefight. People really do get shot, stabbed, burned, beaten and/or blown apart for no thematic reason.